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Lauren Silva

Dried herbs are used like any typical spice: a sprinkling here or a small dash there. However, fresh herbs are often eaten in higher quantities, and bring vibrancy, complexities, and intense flavor to each dish. Aside from amazing flavor, fresh herbs are also known for their healthful benefits. Luckily, due to  the higher amount consumed, you’ll get the most out of those benefits.

Our Favorite Fresh Herbs: Basil, Cilantro, Mint, & Chives   

Each of these delicious, green herbs provide unique health benefits that may have you sprinkling them on your meals with a heavy hand.


Basil is known as the “king of herbs” due to its sweet palatable taste and versatility. If you’re just beginning to experiment with fresh herbs, basil is a great place to start. You’ll love the flavor and you’ll be reaping a host of benefits. Basil contains manganese and copper, both of which stimulate mental reflexes and improve cognitive function. Not only that, basil has high antioxidant properties making them counteract the effects of aging by reducing free radicals in the body. And if that wasn’t enough, basil is known to aid your metabolism.   


Cilantro is one of those herbs that you either love or hate. If you’re one of the lovers, you’re in for a treat. Cilantro is a powerful cleanser that specifically targets toxic heavy metals. Toxic metals include arsenic and aluminum, and we are constantly exposed to them. Consuming cilantro helps rid the body of these endocrine disruptors, keeping your hormones balanced, organs functioning effectively, and lowering inflammation. This superherb also promotes restful sleep and digestive support.


There’s a reason toothpastes and mouthwashes are predominately mint flavored. Mint has germicidal properties that prevent harmful bacteria to grow in your mouth. Simply chewing on mint leaves can improve your oral health and very quickly freshen your breath. Another great benefit of mint is its ability to clear congestion in the nose and throat. The aroma itself cools and soothes the respiratory channels, immediately providing relief from incessant coughing. Mint can be used in sweet and savory dishes, making it super easy to start incorporating today!


Chives are actually a part of the onion family. Though it’s technically an onion, the taste is much more subtle, making for a pleasantly palatable flavor. Chives, just like garlic, can provide a gentle detox effect on the body due to their antibacterial properties. These eliminate bacteria that can grow in the body, keeping your gut healthy and digestive system functioning effectively. Chives are also a surprisingly good source of folic acid. For pregnant women, fresh chives could become your new favorite herb.

At DEFINE foods we make sure to use the freshest ingredients possible. It’s for this reason that our dishes and dressings include fresh herbs. We can’t get enough of the taste, aroma, and hidden advantages from incorporating them into your daily diet. Knowing all the benefits of fresh herbs will have you craving our Kale + Watermelon Radish salad, paired with the Chive Vinaigrette for more than it’s great taste. Similarly, our Thai Chili Salad Rolls and Raw Pad Thai dish includes fresh cilantro and basil. Try our Week of Salads Meal Program to receive each of these fresh, flavorful, and beneficial salads to start bringing fresh herbs into your daily life.

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