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Lauren Silva

You may know the terms “alkaline” and “acidic” when referring to pool water or chemistry assignments, but do you know how these words relate to your body? Well, we’re here to break it down for you starting with the basics.

Understanding The pH Scale of Your Body

The pH scale goes from 0-14. A pH reading between 0 - 6.9 is considered acidic and 7.1 - 14 is considered alkaline, with 7 being perfectly neutral. Our body’s natural state of balance falls slightly on the alkaline end of the scale (around 7.365).

Disruption On The Scale

An acidic body is more prone to several diseases and chronic illnesses, which may bring forth a slew of unwanted symptoms like weight gain, lower moods, poor sleep quality, and more. Our body’s pH level can swing onto the acidic side of the scale for several reasons, including stress, processed foods, or lack of exercise.

Because our bodies will intuitively seek a state of equilibrium (the ideal 7.365 pH level), it will do whatever it takes to move from an acidic state to a more alkalized state. If we’re not helping our bodies maintain this state of balance, it will do so itself by drawing nutrients from the bones. This last resort option taken by the body can lead to issues later in life, so, instead we recommended taking an active approach to staying more alkalized.

Ways to Alkalize

Keeping your body in balance and functioning properly relies heavily on a healthy diet. An alkaline diet is known to improve your mood, boost your energy levels, help you sleep, and ward off diseases. There are several foods great for improving the balance of your pH scale. Try including more leafy greens, cucumber, melons, chia seeds, or fresh green juices in your diet if you’re looking to see the most drastic improvements.

At DEFINE foods, we love our green juices. Aside from its ability to alkalize the body, starting the day with a green juice has so many other benefits, as well. It provides a burst of nutrients that boost energy, aid toxin removal, fights inflammation, eases digestion, decreases bloating, and squashes cravings. It’s the perfect way to set the tone of your day, fuel a morning workout, and inspire you to continue making healthy food decisions, all day long.

Our Meal Programs come equipped with a daily green juice made with celery, green apple, pear, spinach, and lime perfect for alkalizing the body and bringing you closer to your ideal state of balance.

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