How To Snack

Lauren Silva

As if an alarm went off, you see it’s 4:30 in the afternoon and you know it’s snack time. Cued by the rumblings of your stomach, you’re considering the options. Fresh fruit in the work fridge? Perhaps some leftover trail mix in your purse? Healthy grab-and-go options nearby? Nothing.

You begin remembering all the perfectly prepped meals you made last Sunday, and realize the entire category of “snacks” was overlooked. Read on to learn why snacks should become a staple to your Meal Prep Sunday.

“But If I Snack, I’ll Never Lose Weight”

People have long thought that the only way to lose weight is by fasting. Intermittent fasting has become a well-known trend that can work when used correctly with the right foods, and though this lifestyle may work for some, others may not reap the same benefits.

At DEFINE foods we focus on listening to our bodies and nourishing it with whole, real foods. Despite what some diets may advocate as far as fasting, we believe in assessing our hunger levels as they come and enjoying the benefits of a healthful snack.

Snack The Right Way

Snacking with a healthy mindset can prevent blood sugar crashes (bye-bye “hangry” feelings), support a healthy metabolism, and keep you from overeating late in the evening time. However, in order to reap all these benefits, you need to know the tricks of snacking well, being prepared, and knowing what makes a great snack to help you achieve your beauty and weight loss goals.  

When it comes to enjoying a snack, you’ll want to avoid the graze-all-day, eating whenever-you-want approach. This type of eating can be very taxing on the body as it’s having to digest food all day. Your system never gets the chance to fully cleanse between meals and you don’t get to feel truly satisfied after a day full of snacking.

Instead, incorporate nutrient-dense snacks to be enjoyed on days you have a long stretch between meals. Try coming to work with a delicious snack to be enjoyed between lunch and a dinner reservation. Having that healthy and satisfying snack on hand will keep you energized and focused during the usual mid-afternoon slump.  

Preparing snacks in advance provides a quick and good-for-you option, instead of the potentially poor choice “hanger” may guide you to make. An ideal snack would include a source of protein and/or healthy fats:

  • Try sprinkling pumpkin and sesame seeds on an avocado with a drizzle of EVOO or lemon juice.
  • Or maybe you’re craving your favorite veggies with hummus.
  • Have a go at making your own raw nut trail mix with superfood additions like goji berries and raw cacao nibs.

The combinations are endless, but the key is making sure these foods are readily available when the snack clock strikes. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

DEFINE foods has several ideas when it comes to optimal snacking. Our favorites include our guilt-free chocolate Energy Bites and a small bowl of Coconut Probiotic Yogurt with fresh berries and a sprinkling of cinnamon. Not to mention, our Personalized Meal Cleanse Program which gives you the opportunity to pick and choose the meals/foods you need to fit your schedule. With the option to add an extra salad, energy bites, or even an alkalizing juice, you may realize just how easy it is to snack the right way.

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