Healthy Through The Holidays

Lauren Silva

The holiday season is a time meant to spread cheer and be merry, but also host families, decorate the house, coordinate events, and maybe squeeze in a workout class or two. It’s busy this time of year, and while the main event is celebrating time spent together, that may be easier said than done.

With so many holiday events in quick succession, we can all relate to the stress of party planning and food preparation, while also trying to stay on track with our personal health goals. It’s obvious this time of year can be overwhelming, but at DEFINE foods we’re committed to keeping you healthy through the holidays and focused on what matters most: sharing good times with your loved ones.

Three Ways to Stay On Track

  • 1. Contribute To The Food-Centric Celebrations
  • It’s no surprise we find ourselves indulging a little more this season. With so many opportunities to enjoy a slice of pumpkin pie or an extra cookie meant for Santa, it’s easy to veer away from our typical healthy routine. Luckily, we’ve found a way to eat your cake and have it, too.

    A Thanksgiving feast or holiday spread typically involves several dishes brought by family and friends. This year, take the opportunity to create and supply a plant-based dish that everyone can enjoy, yourself included. Consider using seasonal ingredients that highlight the occasion: anything from pumpkins and pomegranates to apples and brussel sprouts. At our Healthy Through The Holidays cooking demonstration, Chef Erin will be teaching you how to create five, innovative healthy dishes that are set to impress and easy to create at home.  

  • 2. Establish A New Tradition
  • After a hearty holiday feast nothing sounds better than a long, deep nap, right? The comfy couch seems to be waiting just for you, but this year, before succumbing to that beckoning slumber, rally as many friends and family members to join you for a walk. Even a short lap around the neighborhood is a good opportunity to keep you moving and staying active on a typically lazy day.

    Not to mention, studies have shown that taking a post-meal walk has the ability to actually aid in the digestive process. After a big helping of your family-favorite holiday meals (and perhaps seconds and thirds), a walk might be just the thing your body needs.

  • 3. Enjoy The Present Moment
  • While being conscious of what you’re eating and how often you’re able to fit in a workout is important, the healthiest thing you can do this season is simply enjoying yourself.

    At DEFINE foods we like to view our food choices as encompassing, rather than limiting. Instead of viewing the chocolate chip cookie with guilt, relish in those lovingly baked treats. Laugh, create memories, eat delicious food, and share this time with your loved ones, as it truly is the most special time of year.

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