Our Healthy Gift Guide

Lauren Silva

The gifting season has officially arrived… Are you ready? At DEFINE foods there is no gift we value more than our good health. For us, that looks like making time to prepare healthy meals for the week, destress our minds and bodies with an herbal tea or adaptogenic elixir, and, of course, sharing our time, talents, and recipes with you and the ones we love.

If you’re going over your list and checking it twice, you might be realizing this is the year you want to give meaningful gifts that last a lifetime… But where to start? Luckily for you, we’ve created a gifting guide for all the friends and family you’re hoping to share joy, good times, and gifts with this year. Whether you need a present for your teacher, mom, cousin, or friend, the gift of health will never disappoint. Browse our guide below for our favorite DEFINE foods gift ideas!

Our Healthy Gifting Guide

For the “Goal-Oriented” Loved One

This is the perfect time of year to start thinking about your 2019 goals. Maybe you know just the friend who has exciting things planned for the new year and would never turn down a little extra help and accountability. Consider gifting them with a private health consultation with Natural Foods Chef Erin Stewart. Together, they can define goals, strategize a personal game plan, and make the envisioned 2019 mindset a reality.

For the “Too Busy To Meal Prep” Friend

Believe us when we say, “we’ve all been there.” Making time to meal plan isn’t always a possibility, but that’s where we step in. For the busy moms, working professionals, or lover of ready-to-enjoy healthy foods, our Week of Salads meal program is the gift for them. They can enjoy a fridge full of clean, fresh, hand-crafted salads to enjoy all week long, without ever having to lift a finger. We guarantee they’ll love it.

For the “Health Guru” in Your Life

With “Turmeric Lattes” and “Charcoal Lemonades” becoming staples at smoothie bars and juiceries around the world, it’s no surprise people are excited to experiment with some of these adaptogens at home, as well. Make that dream come true for your elixir-loving friend with an Adaptogen Starter Kit. Pack it full of healing herbs, organic teas, and perhaps, even a french press to transform their home kitchen into their favorite juice bar.

For the “Mom On-The-Go”

When the list of errands, pick-ups, drop-offs, school functions, and extra curriculars seems never ending, it can be tough to keep up with a healthy routine. For the busy parents we all know and love, give them the gift of healthy convenience. Whether it’s having spirulina popcorn for hungry kids after school, or indulging in a maca-cacao energy bite for Mom in the evening, our superfood snacks will keep their health a priority without sacrificing time, taste, or energy.

For the Wildcard Who “Loves it All”

We all have that easy-going family member or best friend who enjoys and appreciates anything we give them, but sometimes, this can prove the most challenging. For this situation, we turn to gift cards. This gives our friend the opportunity to pick and choose exactly what they need. Maybe it’s our holiday-themed recipe collection, a custom cake for their upcoming New Years party, or an excuse to stop by our DEFINE foods Bar post workout for an avocado toast and daily smoothie. Regardless of their decision, this personalized gift is sure to please.

This special time of year allows us to show just how much our loved ones mean to us. Give your gifts a little differently this year by giving things that celebrate our health, longevity, and wellbeing. These special presents will provide you and your loved ones a gift that can be treasured for a lifetime.

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