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Lauren Silva

Millions of people with millions of reasons consume tea across the world. Whether the reason for sipping stems out of tradition, relaxation, or ritual, it’s clear that people love this drink.


Tea was first introduced to the world by China, so it’s no surprise to find that for the Chinese, drinking tea is a way of life. The art of making tea is closely linked to the spiritual foundations of Daoism and Chinese philosophies of balance, harmony, fulfillment and enjoyment. Tea, in the East, is not simply a morning pick-me-up. It’s the reminder to immerse yourself in the present moment and take an extra minute to feel gratitude and contentedness as your tea slowly steeps.


In the West, the break neck pace of our mornings has us stressed even thinking about slowing down long enough to ceremoniously prepare a cup of tea for ourselves. If we needed caffeine, we’ve got the drive-thru coffee shop, right? Although that may be true, there are so many reasons to stop and become an active participant in your morning drink of choice. Steeping tea requires at least 3-5 minutes (sometimes longer) of your precious time, so instead of viewing this brief pause in your routine as a nuisance, reframe your thinking. Begin to appreciate the process by engaging in a mindfulness activity. As the tea steeps, start to notice the warmth of the mug, the deepening hues as the leaves release their potent power, the blooming scents of the awakened herbs, the feel of the steam as you begin to pour. The timer set to indicate that your tea is ready might start to seem shorter and shorter as you begin to allow yourself to become enraptured by the present moment.


The ability to draw us out of our high-strung minds isn’t the only reason to begin sipping this herbal elixir. Tea also offers an array of healthful benefits to the body. Each type of tea will yield unique benefits; however, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients are typical to most blends. Specifically, digestive regulation has been linked to black tea, increased metabolism is associated with green tea, and oolong tea has been said to help manage blood sugar levels.


Whether you’re a seasoned tea drinker or new to the game, DEFINE foods has a tea blend worth introducing to your repertoire. With six unique blends curated with only the finest organic ingredients, each tea offers a different experience.


DETOXIFY is designed to do just that. This tart blend has a green tea base with organic orange peels and pomegranate arils that will cleanse the body and reset your digestive system.


BEAUTIFY is the sweet cup of tea you could enjoy hot or iced. Anti-aging properties found in the green tea along with the antioxidants found in the hibiscus lends to the beautifying effect this tea has on the body.


INDULGE is a rich and creamy pleasure. Organic lavender and vanilla simultaneously sweeten the tea, while calming the body. Enjoy this brew completely guilt-free.


UPLIFT is a black tea with sweeter notes of goji berries, perfect for the morning time. Brain-health enhancing properties found in black tea and green rooibos lead to the natural energy boost that ensues with each sip.


LIVING is DEFINE’s signature blend and is completely caffeine free, with the hopes of being enjoyed at any moment during the day. It’s soothing and refreshing with notes of chamomile, peppermint, and fennel.


PROTECT is a bold and spicy decaf option for those looking to really boost their immune system. With ingredients like turmeric, ginger and black peppercorn, this delicious tea is best combined with a splash of coconut or almond milk for a latte experience not to be missed.


Begin to deepen your relationship with the art of tea, and your morning pick-me-up may just become the most treasured aspect of your day.

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