Get Glowing With Collagen

Lauren Silva

Let’s face it, aging is inevitable. Our beautiful bodies are constantly maturing and with each new phase of life comes new perspectives, ever-lasting memories, and, unfortunately, those unavoidable signs of age: wrinkles, joint pain, and sagging skin. What if I were to tell you that there was a way to naturally enhance your skin’s elasticity, giving you back that youthful, supple skin of the past? Prepare to turn back the clock as you begin your journey aboard the collagen beauty train.


Collagen is the most abundant protein found in our bodies. It’s the stuff that gives our skin strength and elasticity, while also replacing dead skin cells to keep our skin glowing. Collagen is in our muscles, bones, digestive system and tendons; basically, it is the “glue” that holds our body together. Before adulthood, our bodies were constantly growing and changing, so our natural collagen production was much higher to accommodate the newly present muscles and tendons. Now that we’re older, things have slowed down. Our bodies no longer produce collagen at such a high rate, and it will only continue to decrease as we age. Since our bodies can’t reverse this degenerative aging process on its own, we must look elsewhere to increase the amount of collagen in our body, and luckily, it’s very easy.


Aside from youthful, radiant skin, you might be wondering, “What else can I expect from supplementing my life with collagen?” I’m glad you asked. Collagen is known for much more than just a glowing complexion. Joint health, healthy cartilage, improved digestion, gut health, luminous hair, and strong nails are just some of the many benefits from taking collagen daily.


With all of this information you’re probably ready to take your daily dose, and here are a few ideas how:


At DEFINE foods we are strong advocates of healing from within. One way to do that is by using a tasteless collagen powder that instantly dissolves in liquids. Maybe you throw a scoop in your morning beverage or smoothie and you’ve instantly upgraded your cup of joe to a beauty elixir. Our favorite collagen supplement is Grass Fed Collagen Peptides because it is so versatile. Totally flavorless and odorless, this option allows for your creativity to shine, all while packing a hefty 20g of collagen protein with each serving. With only one ingredient: Bovine Hide Collagen Peptides sourced from grass fed and pasture raised cows, there’s peace of mind knowing what’s going into your body. Dairy free, gluten free, and paleo approved, this supplement checks all the boxes.  


Another option for those of us who are constantly on-the-go, but still want the accessibility of beautiful hair, skin, and nails are these ultra-portable, single-serving Collagen Beauty Water packets! With a variety of flavors (lavender lemon is our favorite!), this small to-go option allows you to boost your skin’s hydration and elasticity from anywhere. Keep one in your purse, at work, or in your gym bag and experience the benefits, shaken or stirred. These beauty waters derive their collagen source from the scales of Snapper fish, making this a great option for those who choose to live a pescatarian lifestyle.


Whether you choose bovine or marine collagen, you’ll be provided with a healthy dose of joint support, skin suppleness, and a radiant complexion. It’s time to get glowing!

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