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Lauren Silva

People choose to seek nutrition counseling for a variety of reasons. And because proper nutrition is one of the foundation blocks of good health, giving a second thought to your food choices is very worth your while.


Who Can Benefit From a Consultation:


Everyone can benefit from a dialogue that dives deep into your personal health goals. Whether it’s time for a complete diet reset or your simply needing inspiration for new, healthy recipes, there are several reasons to consult.

People are recognizing the idea that food is medicine, so a nutrition consult could benefit those looking to manage certain medical conditions, as well. Those suffering from diseases like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, IBS, and Celiac are just a few of the specific conditions that could benefit from a nutrition intervention.


So whether it’s a fine-tune or a nutrition overhaul, booking a one-on-one consultation is the first step in achieving your goals.


What to Expect:


First of all, a consultation with Chef Erin is a counseling session with the intent to leave you feeling better and more prepared than when you arrived. Don’t fear that your current health and eating habits are going to be judged.

With each session, she will take the time to let you be heard. The two of you will delve into you’re your lifestyle, assessing everything from food, to stress, to sleep, and exercise. You’ll be able to voice your personal intentions so that she can better understand your ultimate goal.

With your honesty and her knowledge of health and wellness, she will design a health plan tailored uniquely to you. This could include specific plant-based meals and recipes, workout recommendations, and lifestyle tips. Chef Erin wants to see each of her clients reach their fullest potential and will do whatever it takes to help each individual reach their goals.


After each consultation, you’ll leave feeling empowered to take the next steps with the tools Chef Erin has given you.


Whether it’s the specific meals, the accountability, or the opportunity to finally reach your health goal that has you questioning the benefits of a nutrition consultation, go ahead and take the initiative to book a consultation and start your journey to better health today!

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