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Lauren Silva

With Father’s Day right around the corner, we want to honor the men in our lives for everything they do. We rely on our fathers and partners for strength, fortitude, and wisdom. We think each one is our own personal SuperMan, and to ensure his superpowers don’t fall to the wayside, we want to talk about the importance of understanding men’s health.

Men put the needs of others before his own, simple as that. There’s a cultural script that emphasizes the idea that men should be self-reliant and the ultimate caregiver, or else they are viewed as weak. When this idea is put into practice, men view their own health as secondary to the wellbeing of those he cares about. When a man endorses this cultural phenomenon, he is less likely to go to a doctor himself, which can lead to a host of problems.

As caring partners and family members, Father’s Day is our chance to gift the men we love the opportunity to address and improve their health.

Show Dad how much you care with any one of these healthful gift ideas:

Superfoods for SuperDad

I’m sure kale, quinoa, and various superfoods have snuck onto his plate before, but has Dad ever tried adaptogens? Typically flavorless, these powders can be added to his morning coffee or smoothies without him even knowing. One powerful adaptogen that should be introduced is Ashwaghanda powder. It is a staple of Ayurvedic medicine and it’s known for its immune-strengthening and healing properties. Reported benefits include improved stamina, inspired strength and vigor, and decreased levels of mental and physical stress. Just ½ a teaspoon could bring Dad one step closer to achieving an inner sense of well-being.

Herbs That Heal

Introduce your dad to the benefits of herbal teas. Our exclusive blends were created with intentional ingredients to enhance overall health. A couple ‘Father Favorites’ include our Protect and Uplift varieties. Both blends include specific ingredients linked to men’s health including Ashwaghanda, Turmeric, and Vetiver Root. Our teas can be brewed then poured over ice to make for a refreshing, cooling, and healthy afternoon pick-me-up. And with one of our ‘Learn Eat Heal’ mugs, he will be reminded of the importance of his health with each sip. Cheers to Dad!  

The Chance To Reset

Perhaps you are very health conscious, but it’s not even on your dad’s radar. A great way to introduce him to a healthier lifestyle is through one of our Meal Cleanse Programs. He will be submerged into a world of delicious, nutrient-dense, plant-based meals that are colorful and vibrant. He will be offered the chance to detox, reset, and heal from the inside out. If your dad seems wary, perhaps the two of you could do it together. Having you as an accountability partner and cheerleader may be just the boost he needs to dive deep into his health journey.


These gifts act as a method of preventative care. Herbs, teas, and plant-based meals all promote brain health, support the immune system, and lower risk for diseases. Fueled with love, these gifts are sure to please any father figure in your life.

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