Hydration Matters

Lauren Silva

Summertime is here and with it comes sun, vacations, and time spent outside enjoying the season! Oh, and A LOT of sweating. Sweating is a great way to detox the body, but it’s necessary to replenish the fluid that has just been lost. So if there is one thing to remember during these hot months, it’s the importance of staying hydrated.

Drinking enough water is one of the foundation blocks for maintaining good health. Being properly hydrated normalizes your body temperature, supports joint health, protects your spinal cord, and rids toxins from the body. Every part of your body, from your cells to your organs, relies on water to function properly.

Water accounts for more than half your body weight and each time you go to the bathroom, take part in a sweaty workout, or even take a breath, that amount of water decreases. With summer temperatures creeping close to the 100-degree mark, you’ll be needing all the extra hydration you can get so we’ve got a few ideas.

Fun Ways to Stay Hydrated This Summer:

  •      Infuse Your Water

The amount of water you need to drink each day depends on several factors. For a general estimate, take your weight, divide that number by two, and your answer is how many fluid ounces you should aim for each day. That number may seem unreasonable, and if that’s the case, make your water beverage a little more exciting! Options include infusing your water bottle with fresh berries or sliced cucumber. A squeeze of lemon or lime adds interest, as well. At DEFINE foods, we love adding Vital Protein Beauty Waters to our beverages. With several delicious flavors, these ready-to-mix packets enhance the glow of your hair, skin, and nails, improve your energy, and boost your joint health. If you thought drinking water was boring, you won’t after trying these ideas!

  •      Eat Water Dense Foods

There are so many ways to up your fluid intake and while drinking water is very important, you can also get water from your food. The foods that might come to mind include watermelons, lettuce, and cucumbers, but did you know, zucchini is made up of over 90% water, as well? Because of its extremely high water content, zucchinis are very low in calories. One cup of zucchini is only about 20 calories. DEFINE foods loves zucchini and all of the benefits it offers which is why it is the base of two of our salads. The versatility of zucchini makes for a nutritious “noodle” substitute that can take on whatever flavors you like. Who knew this superfood could fuel and hydrate you at the same time?

  •      Track Your Progress

A fun way to hold yourself accountable is to create attainable goals and set a plan to meet them. If you are wanting to increase your daily hydration, try setting a reminder on your phone to drink a glass every hour. Maybe you get a new water bottle that stays with you everywhere you go. Make your access to water as easy as possible and you’ll be all the more likely to meet your goals. Small steps can lead to big results, so get started now!

At DEFINE foods, we want to make you feel your healthiest and staying hydrated is an easy way to start achieving your health goals. Getting enough water will soon become second nature and you’ll notice improved digestion, glowing skin, and a better mood. So while you’re soaking up the sun this summer, make sure you’ve got a cool glass of water nearby.

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