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Lauren Silva

At DEFINE foods, our shopping cart can fill up pretty fast. We love trying new things and experimenting in the kitchen, but there are a few forever-present items that end up in our basket. Read on to learn what are our grocery must-haves!

  • Seasonal Produce
  • Eating seasonally is one of our favorite ways of eating at DEFINE foods. Ensuring our food is picked at its peak ripeness ensures not only a wonderful taste, but the highest amount of nutritional benefits the food has to offer.

    And luckily, in Houston between the months of January and March, our farmer’s markets and local produce sections are full of some our favorites! We’re sure to stock up on all the root veggies like beets, turnips, sweet potatoes, and leeks. Not to mention - all the delicious greens like bok choy, fennel, baby arugula and spinach often find their way into our basket, as well. Other lesser-talked-about winter veggies like asparagus, napa cabbage, and hot house tomatoes are at their nutritional (and flavorful!) peak, so be sure to pick up those the next time you’re at the store, too. And lastly, one of our favorite ways to pack flavor (and healthy benefits) to our meals is with the addition of fresh herbs. During these months, cilantro and parsley are prime for the taking. Try whipping up a herbaceous tabbouleh with fresh parsley, cauliflower, and chopped tomatoes, or maybe a warm root-inspired curry topped with a bright sprig of cilantro. Try to have fun and experiment with some of the seasonal foods you can find at your local market!

  • Pantry Staples
  • When it comes to the pantry, we always have a few things on hand. For instance, at DEFINE foods we prioritize making our own dressings, so having good quality olive oil, toasted sesame oil, balsamic vinegar, red wine vinegar, nut butters, and spices are an absolute MUST. This items often provide the backbone for any delicious meal, so they’re definitely worth staying stocked up on.

    As far as baking needs go, we often keep a variety of gluten-free flours on hand: almond meal, coconut flour, buckwheat flour, and (of course!) cacao powder are a few favorites we keep on constant rotation.

    Packaged snacks can be tricky. At DEFINE foods, we always find fresh is best, but sometimes you need snacks that can be stored in the pantry for easy grab-and-go convenience. For these instances, we turn to raw nuts, fiber-filled Spirulina Popcorn, YES bars, and baked veggie chips. Each of these nutrient-dense snacks will provide you with sustained energy without compromising on ingredients.  

  • Dairy: Yes or No?
  • There seems to be a constant debate on whether or not dairy is “good for you.” At DEFINE foods, we recognize that each of our bodies are different: different needs, different tolerances, and different likes. So while you may be perfectly suited to enjoy milk, cheeses, and creams, others may not have the same reaction. For this reason, we often provide recipes that are dairy-free with the hopes that everyone can create and enjoy the final product.

    For this reason, we often stayed stocked on house-made nut milks, coconut cream, and dairy-free yogurts. These delicious, dairy-free items can be enjoyed as part of a delicious dessert recipe or as part of your morning routine. Finding new ways to experiment with dairy-free options is an easy way to increase your daily plant intake!

  • Drinks
  • As we all know, water is the ultimate source of hydration, however there are still a few drinks we love to keep in our fridge. Small-batch, low sugar kombucha is a fizzy treat with a little caffeine that not only tastes great (our favorite flavors include ginger and berry!), but come packed with live probiotics. Speaking of caffeine, we tend to favor organic tea blends and cold brew coffee when we’re needing our morning pick-me-up. And, of course, we’re partial to juices - specifically Juice Society juices. The juices are made with fresh fruits and veggies and make for a great, on-the-go drink that enhances your skin and hair, serves as a gentle detox, and provides clean, sustained energy.  

  • Simple Pleasures
  • It’s not time to check out if we haven’t picked up at least one simple pleasure. At DEFINE foods, we’re all about balance. We know overall wellness can’t be achieved when you feel restricted by a diet. For that and many other reasons, we created our Cacao Energy Bites as a way to reveal healthy treats can still taste extremely indulgent. We love winding down with a truffle or two, or perhaps a little dark chocolate (hello, antioxidants!), but perhaps you prefer a fruity sorbet or freshly baked cookies. Whatever your simple pleasure is, allow yourself to enjoy it, without any guilt, as this will lead to a greater, more balanced sense of health and wellbeing.

    We hope this little piece of insight helps you expand what your typical grocery cart may look like! A health journey is never complete, so take this as the inspiration you need to try that new recipe or makeover your pantry, both your mind and your body will thank you.

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